Online payment
● Parents can pay the school and transportation fees online.
● Online transactions are chargeable.
For Online Payment of fees please follow the following steps:
● Parents  can either make online  fees payment through Parent Connect  Mobile App or through  the Quick Link  payment portal provided on  the School Website( This online option will be available after the due date also with fine charges.
● Select the term (1/2/3/4) for which the fee has to be paid.
● Then follow the on-screen instruction for the payment.
Offline payment
The other option is that parents can come to the school office bank counter between the dates specified(1st to 15th every term)from 8.30 a. m to 12.00 noon and pay the fees by mentioning  the admission number  of the child.  After the due date,  parents need to  come to the school office to generate the challan and pay the fees through this challan at the South Indian Bank,  Campus Branch.
■ Fees can be paid only in Cash.
■ Please collect the challan from the bank after the bank seal /signature .
■ Parents can collect the Receipts for the fees paid from the school office after the 15th of every term by showing the Student copy given by the bank.
■ Students of Class 10 need to clear their complete fees before Dec. 15th  of every academic year.   
Annual School fees can be paid in four installments as given below:
First term        :    1st   June   – 15th June 2019
Second term   :   1st   September – 15th September 2019
Third term      :   1s  December – 15th December 2019
Fourth term    :   1st  February  – 15th  February 2021
The total annual fees can be paid in the first term itself.
After the due dates mentioned above, a  fine of  Rs.  50/- for tuition fees and Rs. 10 for transport fees per day will be charged and the defaulters will have to pay the fees along with the fine.   

House System

The House system aims to develop leaders and promote healthy competition,
loyalty and cooperation. The four Houses and their Motto are as follows:

House Name House Color Captain Vice Captain
Assisi Red  
Grecio Green
Carceri Yellow
Alverno Blue

The Office Bearers of the student Council are:
The School Captain  -  
The School Vice-Captain -
Sports Captain -
Sports Vice-Captain -
School Cultural Captain -

Child Safety

The recent incidents in the city related to child abuse, have caused great concern with regard to child safety in institutions and in society at large. In view of this, the Principal and Management at St. Francis School has brought out a Child Safety / Protection plan which includes a number of safety measures and guidelines to all the students, parents and the staff and all associated with the school. The school has formed a Child Protection committee comprising the following members:
1. Bro. Antony D. Vayalil (Principal)
2. Bro. Bala (Administrator)
3. Mrs. Nirmala Jones (Academic Supervisor)
4. Ms. Writuparna Ray (School Counselor)

School Timing

Play Home, Nursery & Junior KG 8:15am to 11:45am
Senior KG - Std III 8:15am to 2:45pm
Std IV - Std X  8:15 am to 3:00pm
The School Gate closes at 8.25 am
The School Assembly is conducted between 8:15 am and 8:30 am on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Games and Club activities are compulsory for all students from Std IV upwards. These are held during class hours.

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